Please select the service desired below. If you are looking for a a longer, 120-min session, please text me to book. 720-503-9700

90-min Somato-Emotional Massage

This is not just a massage. In addition to muscular tension, we will be addressing and releasing tension in the nervous system, emotional and mental bodies. This session is a co-creative process of getting to the root of the original tension in the body and learning how to transform it so that you can be your most whole, happy, connected version of yourself:)
$130- $165 Gratuity is not expected.

(1 hour and 30 minutes)

60-min Ayurvedic Abhyanga Massage

Because of prep time, your appointment will start 30 min AFTER to your scheduled time.This Ayurvedic massage uses herbal ayurvedic oils intended to detoxify the body and lymph with light, rhythmic and choreographed strokes, preceded by a Garshana scrub with silk gloves. A delicious treat, especially during a cleanse. $140/hr Gratuity not expected. Please be aware that these treatments are traditionally performed topless in order to work with the lymph around the breasts. Please wear clothing that you might be able to get oil on- your hair and skin will be very emollient after the treatment. This is luxurious!

(1 hour and 30 minutes)
$ 140.00

90-min Energy Healing Session

These sessions are much deeper than the somato-emotional massage and are wonderful for shifting limiting emotions and beliefs into empowerment, connection, softness, strength and clarity. You’ll leave feeling like yourself again, but even better because we’ll be stretching your capacity for how wonderful the “new you” can feel on a daily basis. I use a combination of reiki, craniosacral therapy, chakra balancing and intuitive coaching to get you there.
$120- $165. Gratuity is also not expected.

(1 hour and 30 minutes)